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Club members, please bookmark and use this page to get the latest information on training opportunities and guidance during the Covid-19 outbreak

Karate at HomeCurrent Status : No longer running
Class based trainingCurrent Status : Running
Friday 2 x Sessions
(6:00pm – 7:00pm & 7:00pm – 8:00pm)

Hi everyone, classes on a Friday will be held in the Valerie Brown School of Dance and Drama (5 Campbell Lane, Hamilton ML3 6DB)

If you’ve signed up you’ll be receiving emails explaining how to register and attend out classes in person (if you’ve not and want to add yourself to the list to train at the dojo follow the instructions at the bottom of this page).

We’ve concluded the setup of a Track and Trace system for the club so we’ll be able to comply with the regulations (as they are right now) which places the burden of responsibility on the club to maintain a register, with contact details, of everyone who attends every class.  We’ve also undertaken education courses that Nakmas (the governing body for Martial Arts the club is a member of) mandates so we’re ensuring we have Covid-19 safe compliant training.

We have setup a section of the website for instructors that has detailed instructions on how we’ll have to operate the club and when the rules and regulations are a little more clear there’s also going to be a section for Parents & Students so they can see what rules they’ll have to follow when attending the club. We’ll publish a link to this once we get the go-ahead. 

Even at this early stage though there’s several things that I think we can be certain of :-

  • The halls are smaller than Fairhill so classes will be limited in terms of capacity.  Part of this is due to smaller hall sizes but it’s also going to be down to us wanting to make sure that all the Students and Instructors remain safe.  Safety for everyone is our more important priority going forward.  This reduction in class sizes means we will need to get an idea of pre-registered numbers to work out how many classes we can run and what numbers they will be capped at.  It’s important that you let us know in reply to this mail if you’d like to participate from the proposed opening date should it remain in place.
  • Students will have to arrive in their Karate Gi’s ready to train and unfortunately, at the beginning for certain, be any changing facilities.  Students will have to enter and leave the building wearing their equipment though they may be more comfortable wearing over-trousers, jackets, etc over their Karate suits.  Once things begin to firm up we’ll confirm if this is going to be possible (the main issue will be a secure, safe storage area for clothing where there’s no risk of cross-contamination).
  • We will have to work out how toilet breaks and access to facilities will be managed.  In the past at Fairhill access for (particularly younger kids) has been easy and straightforward for everyone.  To maintain safety and minimise risk by reducing the number of touch surfaces we will have to look at the best way to do this whilst ensuring everyone is comfortable and most importantly kids feel safe and healthy.  More on this as we get closer to re-opening.
  • Because the restrictions on the number of people and interactions with contacts surfaces will likely remain in place it’s very unlikely that parents will be able to enter the building and stay and watch kids train.  Again, we’ll work out closer to time how and what this means but if you have concerns about this please reach out to us to help us understand them and work with you to be prepared to have a solution in place to make sure the kids and students feel safe and secure.
  • The early indications are we may get this space from 6pm to 7pm.  This is 30 minutes earlier than our usual times but it’s being offered to accommodate cleaning routines, etc.  Please let us know by reply if you think this slightly earlier time will cause you problems from attending ?
  • Part of the conditions of our usage of the room will mean we (instructors and adult students) will have to spend 10 minutes at the end of the training session cleaning the room.  I’m sure you understand this is for everyone’s safety so we’ll possibly need some of the adult students to assist in this before leaving and we hope you’ll understand why it will be essential for parents to collect younger students promptly to let us accomplish this at the end of the class when younger students have left the premises safely with an adult.

If you would like to pre-register now for attending should we get the go-ahead please send the details below to this email address.  For families training together we don’t need contact email, phone or home addresses for kids – the parent’s details will be sufficient but we do need to register the kids to ensure we can properly track numbers for capacity planning.

Student Name : 
Parent / Guardian Name (if student is a child) : 
Parent / Guardian Email  : 
Parent / Guardian Address & Postcode : 
Parent / Guardian Mobile Number : 

We’ll provide updates as we get them and get closer to being able to re-open.  Having your contact details will also allow us to quickly switch back to Online Training should there be any restrictions re-imposed locally should the be necessary.

Thanks everyone and  stay safe !