Karate at Home

Finding a way back…

We hope everyone is safe and well during these strange times.  The most important thing for our club is the health and wellbeing of our dojo family.  It may be some time before training can return to the dojo and there may be challenges that make continuing to train the way we always have a little difficult.  This difficulty may be short lived or it may be something that’s with us for a longer period of time.

Shotokan Karate has a long history, it has survived many challenges, it will survive this challenge.

Whilst we cannot return to training together in person we’re working hard to ensure that for those that enjoy and miss their Karate training we can find a way to resume training remotely. In stressful times Karate continues to offer a way for us to keep physically and mentally health. As well as providing a vital way of keeping in touch with other club members. 

How does this work ?

We are currently running classes 2 times per week via Zoom until we get the chance to train together in person again as a club.

MondayAdults and Kids, all Grades60 mins (2 x 30 min classes)18:30 – 19:30
WednesdayAdults and Kids, all Grades60 mins (2 x 30 min classes)18:30 – 19:30
FridayNo class for the moment

If this is something you think you would like to do please drop us an email to karateathome@hamiltonshotokan.co.uk with the following information :-

  • Your Name
  • Your age (only to help us work out what kind of instructions we need to create)
  • What type of Phone (iPhone or Android Phone) or Tablet (iPad or Android Tablet) or Computer (Apple, Windows, etc)
  • If it’s okay for us to use the email address you contact us with to mail you back with details on how to set things up

Once you’ve done this we’ll add you to the email lists where we provide a reminder with the class time and links to join the video class.

More classes and a possible Grading

We’re likely going to adapt the schedule above to add more classes or splut classes if the number of club members attending grows.

We’re also considering the possibility of running a grading, as planned, on the 4th of July if we have students ready for it in time and they’re training regularly, stay tuned for more information on that as it develops.

If you are in contact with anyone from the club please encourage them to visit this page on the website and respond.

Any questions email us as karateathome@hamiltonshotokan.co.uk.

Stay Safe !