Competition Teams

This page is a landing spot for all the club’s competitive accomplishments.  It will update over-time with results tables and some photos….

Karate Competition Calendar for 2018

There are two remaining competition dates in the 2018 Calendar at the Citadel in Ayr.  Note that the events for the remainder of the year run on different days at the weekend and different times.

  • Sunday November 4th 2018 – Scottish Karate Association Open The Citadel, Ayr 9:30am – 5:00pm
  • Saturday December 1st 2018 – Grand Prix – The Citadel, Ayr 1:00pm – 5:30pm

The event starts at 1pm and runs through until 5:30pm.  The website with details of the event is here.

Additionally there are links to the rules of competition (Kata, Kumite, etc), they can be found here.

Results – Karate Grand Prix Competition – The Citadel, Ayr – 25th August 2018

Club members represented at the SKA Grand Prix Event on Saturday, 25th August 2018 at the Citadel, Ayr.

Everyone who attended had a good time and the club returned home with many medals and accolades.

18 Medals in total
5 x Golds, 5 Silvers, 8 Bronze

Kumite (9 Medals)
Zara Alexander – 2 x Gold
John Ralton – Bronze
Natalia Wieteska – Silver & Bronze
Calum Alexander – Gold & Bronze
Ross Alexander – Silver & Bronze

Kata (9 Medals)

Alan Gribben – Silver
John Ralton – Bronze
Natalie Canning – Gold
Megan Glancy – Silver
Natalia Wieteska – Bronze
Miley Toner – Gold
Ross Alexander – Bronze
Zara Alexander – Bronze
Andrew Bulloch – Silver

Results – Scottish Karate Open Championships – The Citadel, Ayr – 4th November 2018

Kumite (2 medals)

Ross Alexander – Gold (Boys Advanced Ippon)
Ross Alexander – Gold (Sanbon Ippon)

Individual Kata (2 medals)

Alan Gribben – Silver (Male Advanced Kata)
Megan Glancy – Bronze (Female Advanced Kata)

Team Kata (1 medal)

Adult Team – Silver (Natalie Canning, Megan Glancy, Natalia Wieteska)
Junior Team – Bronze (Miley Toner, Carrie Bulloch, Ross Alexander)

Sensei Alan is missing from the Team photo’s but here they are !